Crystal Reading

Access the wisdom of your Akashic records!

  • 30 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • Round Rock Holistic Health Center

Service Description

Crystal reading sessions are one of our favorite ways to tap into new levels of clarity and empowerment. If you’ve recently found yourself: -Searching for the underlying meanings, messages, or purpose in certain situations, circumstances, patterns, signs, or synchronicities. -Craving more clarity and a deeper understanding around your relationships, soul contracts, innate gifts, career path or overall life purpose. -Knowing you’re meant for something more than what you are currently doing, and would like some divine guidance on which steps will most serve you as you move forward on your path. …then a crystal reading could be just what you need! How do crystal readings work? Together with a set of twin crystals (crystals which were harvested together from the same mine), we’ll connect directly to your Akashic Records, which are essentially an infinite library of “every thought, word, and deed of every living being, good, bad, and awful, in all times; past, present, future” (Gaia 2020). There are many different ways to connect to the Akashic Records; however, in Jenna's experience, a crystal reading is one of the most pure, simple and direct ways to do so quickly, easily and safely. Once Jenna has successfully tuned into your Akashic Records, you’ll have the opportunity to ask open-ended questions related to situations from your past, present, and/or future, provided the questions are relevant to your progression, greater purpose, and Highest Good. As the facilitator of your crystal reading, Jenna will be sharing with you any and all information that comes through to me from your Akashic Records in the form of downloaded/channeled images, words, messages, sounds, feelings and/or claircognizance (innate knowing). So, is this like a psychic reading? No! Crystal readings are different from traditional psychic readings in that yes-or-no questions are not allowed and won’t work. This is because those types of questions have the potential to take away your free will, which is not empowering for you!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you schedule your appointments through our App, you'll be able to cancel/reschedule your own appointments. If you cancel within 24 hours and it's a non-medical emergency, you may be charged a cancellation fee that is equivalent to the fee of the service you booked. We do not hold credit cards on file, but your cancellation will be noted in our files and you may be sent an invoice with applicable fees attached. By scheduling this appointment, you confirm to honor our cancellation policy.

Contact Details

  • Round Rock Holistic Health Center, Forest Creek Drive, Round Rock, TX, USA