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Reiki Energy Healing

Energy Healing in itself is safe and natural and it is beginning to change the face of health care. According to Richard Gerber, M.D.: “The ultimate approach to healing will be to remove the abnormalities at the subtle-energy level which led to the manifestation of illness in the first place.” This emerging approach is contemporary and ancient (dates back to 4000 BC). According to Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel laureate in Medicine: “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

REIKI (pronounced “Ray- Key”) is an ancient, gentle, and non-invasive energy healing method. It promotes balance within your whole system; mind, body and spirit. This means, that although you may come to a Reiki session looking for relief from a physical ailment or emotional issue, you may find that you start to reap the benefits on many levels in unexpected ways. 


Albert Einstein established that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but energy can be transformed. Our energy is constantly being transformed! In fact, you are constantly engaged in helping to transform your energy whether you realize it or not. Every thought, every breath, every action you take, affects the vibration of your energy. You are transforming your energy without even realizing it and without even thinking about.

Energy healing is a highly individual experience. Clients often report a feeling of deep relaxation, or that their body is gently moving, as it naturally re-adjusts itself. Others report intense heat from the practitioners hands and/or the abilities to vividly see the chakra colors or other visions. Many of our clients report feeling that they are out-of-body or floating weightlessly.

Included in every session, is a full body energy scan and chakra clearing/balancing. We may also use the natural healing power of crystals, Himalayan salt lamps, aromatherapy and sound therapy (396hz-1000+hz) to complement the healing session. 

What are the chakra’s and what do they do?

The chakras are the energy centers in the body in which energy flows through. Over time, blocked energy in our chakras can lead to pain, illness or disease. It’s important to understand what each chakra represents, and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. Our chakras are fundamental to an understanding of holistic healing. 

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