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Why is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy so Important?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Plus, how to prepare before and after a treatment... Our bodies lymphatic system is the ultimate cleaner and detoxifier. When our lymph is flowing freely, our digestion is efficient, our skin is clear, our mood is improved, our organs are able to properly detox while we sleep, we don’t have aches or pains, we have more energy, we aren’t holding on to water weight and we generally feel our best! When we are dehydrated or burdening our bodies with unnecessary chemicals (knowingly or not) our lymphatic system has to go into overdrive just to try to compensate. Our lymph becomes sluggish and stagnant and our bodies begin to retain water, which in turn affects our overall health and immune system function. Here are the most common reasons that our lymph becomes sluggish:

  • Dehydration

  • Medications, drugs or alcohol

  • Using body products that contain chemicals

  • Eating processed foods

  • Holding on to trauma & unresolved emotions

  • Wearing too tight of clothing

  • Sitting too much & holding on to excess weight

lymphatic drainage round rock
Lymphatic System and Nodes

To have the best possible Lymphatic Drainage session, make sure that you are hydrated when you arrive for your appointment. It is also important that you wear loose comfortable clothing, as you remained clothed for your appointment. No tight spandex as it inhibits lymphatic flow and for ladies, it is also advised that you wear a wireless bra, as the underwire inhibits lymphatic flow especially for the breast tissue. At the beginning of your session, your lymphatic flow will be assessed and the areas of stagnation will be found and treated. Re-routing of the lymph will also take place as needed. This is especially important after surgery! Post surgical lymphatic drainage therapy significantly speeds recovery/healing time. The entire process is extremely relaxing and feels similar to a massage even though you keep your clothes on. At the end of your appointment you will be given tips on how to keep your lymph flowing for optimal results. It is imperative that you drink plenty of water throughout the day following your LDT session. Speaking of water, it’s important to remember that all of the organs and systems of the body need regular hydration in order to function properly, including our lymph. There is lymph not only right under the skin but also around every muscle and every organ. This system is comprised primarily of water (around 70%), so it is vital that you are getting enough clean, filtered (not purified) water to support full functionality. Keeping yourself well hydrated also supports the rest of the body’s natural detoxification pathways.

Besides drinking enough water, here are a few more tips to get your lymph moving at home

  • Dry brushing before you shower

  • Finishing your shower with cold water

  • Learning self drainage, rebounding

  • Going on walks and not being sedentary

  • Deep breathing

  • Sauna and heat therapies

  • Cleaning up your diet

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