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What is a Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage and its Benefits?

Updated: Jul 13

Chi Nei Tsang is a Chinese form of abdominal massage that means "working the energy of the internal organs". This ancient modality detoxifies the body by unblocking stagnant "chi" and eliminating toxins that create a sluggish environment in your gut.

Thousands of years ago, the Taoists realized that emotions affect the organs, which can produce psychosomatic reactions that manifest as discomfort or illness in the body. As humans, it is natural to hold on to, or repress uncomfortable emotions like anger, sadness, grief, worry, and fear. Instead of processing these emotions in a healthy way, we may instead turn to unhealthy foods, addictive substances, or certain behavioral patterns that keep us stuck in these holding patterns. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each of these emotions is correlated to a specific organ and may interrupt their normal functioning.

Below is a chart based on the Five Elements Theory in Chinese Medicine that correlates each organ with the energy of a particular emotion.

The Five Elements and Chi Nei Tsang

This is where Chi Nei Tsang can play a role in assisting us to release physical and energetic blockages in our body, and specifically in the abdominal region. It focuses on deep, yet gentle abdominal massage strokes in order to “train” the internal abdominal organs to work more efficiently, which in turn is said to improve physical and emotional health.

From a health benefits perspective, this form of abdominal massage can be used to improve elimination and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems. If you suffer from constipation, bloating, heavy periods, irritable bowel syndrome, or food intolerances, Chi Nei Tsang can be extremely powerful work. It can also be beneficial for inflammation of the intestines, cramps, knots, scar tissue, headaches (particularly those correlated with food allergies), back pain, infertility and healing from injury, trauma, or surgery.

Although Chi Nei Tsang has brought relief to many patients who suffer from the conditions listed above, it should be noted there are certain conditions where Chi Nei Tsang should not be applied.

These situations include pregnancy, the presence of implants such as an intrauterine device (IUD) or pacemaker, certain cancers and/or skin infections.

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