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What Can I Expect to Experience from the "Ultimate Integrative Massage"?

Updated: Mar 8

We are proud to expand our wellness offerings with advanced massage therapy designed to provide clients with solutions for pain management and relief. Our Ultimate Integrative Massage offers a customized framework for clients to voice what their therapeutic needs are in any given session, and to utilize a combination of eastern and western modalities to address them.

myofascial release therapist round rock
Myofascial Release of Shoulders

At times, or in certain parts of the body, you may need a deep tissue massage where the therapist uses more of their body weight to apply pressure. If you're dealing with long-term inflammatory issues, you may need more focused work or mobilization in or around specific joints, nerves, and bursa (shoulder/hip bursitis, sciatica, etc).

Have gut issues and need an abdominal massage to clear physical and emotional blockages in your organs? Well, you're in luck.

fire cupping round rock
Fire Cupping for Detoxification

At Round Rock Holistic Health Center, we believe that massage therapy should strive to be just as intelligent as the body, where the practitioner tunes into the client's body to determine what areas need clearing, releasing, strengthening, and support, and apply the appropriate techniques to help bridge the gap. In addition, tools like cupping, aromatherapy, hot stones are available to provide the optimal massage experience.

We offer a wide range of modalities within one session alone including ashiatsu deep tissue massage (coming soon!), hawaiian lomi lomi, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, fire cupping (add-on treatment), chi nei tsang (chinese abdominal massage), reflexology, neural manipulation and more. It's up to you to decide which ones you want to integrate into your session. You can also leave it to your massage therapist to tap into your body and take the session into a more intuitive direction.

Check out our schedule for upcoming massage therapy sessions.

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