• Donna Stina

Stay put or move? That’s the question.

As we shift into the fall season, we begin to experience movement from our weather patterns and new seasons. It’s a little windier, cooler and darker. With these shifts, our tendency may be to huddle up. Bundle up, hunker down and settle into those wonderfully warm and comforting foods.

It feels good to nestle in, but the universe is moving and for most, our social lives are really moving with holidays and everything they bring in tow – physical events, materialism, relationships at gatherings (wanted and unwanted) and our emotions running wild with inevitable highs and lows. We also connect with the last of the five, the spiritual realm, asking for the support and courage we may need to finish strong. The motion causes us to reflect, rapidly, on the year, the past. It’s slipping away even though earlier in the year it felt more like it was dragging on, stagnant or stuck.

This is the time to bring to mind those things that no longer serve us – what are they and can we use this season of movement to release them? Are you willing to take advantage of this great opportunity to surrender, forgive, yield or relinquish those things – you know, those things like loss, guilt, shame, regret, anger and especially fear??

True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake. It’s making the choice to build a life you don’t need to escape from.” - Brianna Weist...good advice. My advice? Be present, especially with yourself. Challenge yourself to stay in tune with your root chakra – get grounded. From this stillness you will discover your ability to be more responsive and less reactionary. You will see the signs from the universe amplifying your heart center telling you it’s time to let some things go. And, it will be clear exactly what those are. They may have served a purpose at some point, but no longer.

The trees are smart, shedding their leaves. It’s time to lighten your load! Albert Einstein said, Energy is finite; it cannot be created or destroyed – and we often say, there are only so many hours in the day (24 to be exact). In order to make space for new and wonderful things the universe has in store for you, you must let go of those old ways of thinking, stale routines, insecure behaviors and ego-based tendencies.

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Namaste' Donna Stina

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