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December-January Meditation & Transformation Class Series

Updated: Oct 27

New Beginnings: Manifesting Your Dream Life in 2023

In our December-January series, we will leave it all behind and do the necessary preparation to begin next year with a new outlook, purpose and vision for how to stop playing small and shine brightly in 2023. Have the last couple of years felt like you were taken for a ride on bus where you wanted to get off at every stop? Moving forward, find out how you can get in the drivers seat and instead of being swung around by life-circumstances; lead with confidence, purpose and excitement. We all have so many wonderful gifts to give. Allow yourself to take the time for self-care and begin to live a meaningful life with intention so you can work in tandem with the universe (instead of pushing against it) to create joy, peace and share your best self with the world.

Week 1: Soul Questions: What just happened and where am I now?

Week 2: Dharma and Dhri: What is my life’s purpose?

Week 3: Core Values: What are the deepest heart-based guides I choose to live by?

Week 4: Intention Setting: What specifically do I want to see manifest in 2023?

Week 5: Step into your Power with Actions!

Week 6: Your Vision Board for 2023

Benefits and Outcomes:

You will exit December and January with a clear understanding of how you have lived (what served you well, what didn’t, what worked for the past, but no longer works) and the new ways in which you want to show up in the world. Identifying your true purpose on this earth plane will enable you to make a fresh start with clarity. Transformational activities will be the guide to establish your goals in an integrated way that leaves space for self-acceptance and grace, releasing the need for perfection. After identifying values and setting intentions, you will build a Vision Board, unique to your personal desires. This real-life series of pictures will be yours to see each day so you can keep taking steps in the right direction and manifest your dream life.

December – January Series Dates:

12/5, 12/12, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30 – Monday’s 7-8pm

"We transform the world by transforming ourselves." - Davdji, World-renowned spiritual leader, author & teacher

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