Meditation & Mindfulness

Are you looking to reduce your level of stress and anxiety, improve your health, transform or shift your life in new ways post-pandemic, or simply strengthen your practice in an inclusive environment?  

If so, these course offerings are for you! 

Meditation Basics

Geared toward curious meditators, beginners or those struggling to build a practice. . . Gently step into an improved understanding of meditation and mindfulness. Practice meditation, learn about benefits for the mind, body and spirit and discover how to create a consistent practice.


What to Expect?

We will meditate, discuss the definition, how-to, key and tangible health benefits and learn simple ways to create a regular practice.

Progressive Meditation

Are you trying to build your practice and interested to explore more methods to support your journey? Improve your practice with various meditative tools and techniques geared toward reduction of stress and anxiety, release, healing and manifesting your best life.


What to Expect?

We will meditate and work through a topic to create a deeper understanding of vedic, buddhist and other key secular and spiritual learnings. You will then learn how to apply this knowledge to support progression of your intentions on your journey.

Heal & Transform Workshops

Lean into your healing and transformation by learning and applying practices to raise your vibration! With the benefits of greater consciousness in your life from Meditation, take the next step by diving deeper into exercises and rituals that enable the deeper healing and transformation.


What to Expect?

Step into your power and allow yourself dedicated time for Self Care! Remember that self care is NOT selfish! A topic, timeframe and price will be announced in advance. We will spend focused time meditating and then work through your healing, health optimization and personal transformation including collective discussion, exercises and practice.


Sessions you can look forward to learning more about include: Core Values, Needs-Based Communication, Your Dosha, Chakras, Creating a Vision Board, Forgiveness, Breathing and Eating mindful practices, Building healthy relationships . . . . and much, much more!

Personal Consulting

Designed specifically for individuals seeking a personalized, supportive guide to work with them ongoing as they assess, outline and implement their plan for personal growth and transformation.


What to Expect?

I am in your corner, here to support you based on your life experiences as you move forward with your unique journey. We are all operating from our current level of consciousness. Meaning - no one is like you - has lived your life or experienced what you have enjoyed or enduring. No one has your unique gifts - there is a reason, meaning and value that lives in each of us.


If you are seeking personalized support for healing or transformation, this may be a great option to really focus on tangible progress and results.