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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Our lymphatic system is the ultimate cleaner of the body, therefore by engaging the lymph using manual lymph drainage, we not only boost detoxification, but also the immune system. Using distinctive advanced lymph drainage techniques enable detection of the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymphatic flow. As a result, more profound and precise outcomes, in shorter periods of time. For the client, the process is very relaxing and induces deep states of relaxation.


Below are just some of the conditions that Lymphatic Drainage helps with…

  • Allergies 

  • Anti-Aging

  • Chronic Ear Infections

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Chronic Pain

  • Eczema

  • Fascia Release

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Fluid Retention

  • Full Body Detoxification

  • Immune System Stimulation

  • Pre-Surgical Prep (1-2 sessions)

  • Post-Surgical Inflammation Reduction (2-4 sessions)

  • Psoriasis

  • Thyroid Conditions (Hypo, Hyper & Hashimoto’s) 

  • Toxin Detoxification (Chemicals, Medicines, Drugs and Alcohol)

Brain Lymphatic Drainage:

This powerful light touch therapy works on a wide spectrum of individuals who are seeking more balance in their nervous system. Brain Lymphatic Drainage helps pathologies such as closed-head injuries, whiplash, headaches, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, cognitive behavioral dysfunctions, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, and overall well-being.


What's the difference between Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) & Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

-In a LDT session you remain clothed for your appointment, so it is best to wear loose comfortable clothing. Our LDT practitioner can easily feel and access all of the lymphatic structures through clothing. This is a highly specified treatment accessing the deep and superficial lymphatic pathways.

-In Lymphatic Drainage Massage you remove all of your clothing, just like you're getting a massage, and the practitioner may use lotions. This is a rhythmic style that focuses more on the superficial lymphatic pathways, that are just under the skin. 

Because LDT is the bodies ultimate detoxification, we always advise that the client drink plenty of water throughout the day following the LDT session. This helps to rapidly flush out the accumulated toxins that were drained during the LDT session, so that you can feel your best!

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy: About
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