Jenna Volpe

Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD, CLT is a holistic-minded dietitian, functional nutritionist, clinical herbalist, and energy healing practitioner who helps people to “crack their code” so they can finally address long-standing health issues at the root-cause level.


As a “wounded healer” who has gone through her own gut-healing journey for the better, being forced to navigate her way through the mainstream healthcare system at an early age and finding great success, Jenna’s goal is for her first-hand lessons, wisdom, and insights acquired through those experiences to now help to pave the way for many others.


Jenna is an avid believer in the power of “food as medicine” and the ability of the body to heal itself - as long as it’s given the proper fuel, building blocks and materials to work with along the way.


As a student of life, Jenna practices what she preaches and makes time each week to keep up with continuing education (whether it be through books, classes, 1:1 mentorship, or online courses) so she can stay abreast of the latest cutting-edge research in the best interest of her clients and community!

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