Intuitive Design Consults

Dream. Receive. Wear. Embody.

Intentional designs was created by Dusti to give her clients a new experience. An experience of personalized wearable crystal healing support, that lasted long after their healing session was over. A touchstone of their truest intentions, aligned with their highest good. 


Each custom crafted jewelry piece is intentionally designed with ethically sourced, highly rated crystals, that have been energetically cleared and charged. Your intentions are placed into every stone as it is strung. These pieces are meant to be touched, used & loved. 

Here's the process:

This intuitive consult takes place in person at Round Rock Holistic Health Center. Dusti will tune into your energy and discuss your goals or intentions that you'd like to embody going forward. As you talk Dusti chooses stones based on the information you provide, and comes up with a design for either a necklace or bracelet, or a matching set. If you are unsure of your goals or intentions, she will do an energy reading and help guide you in the path of your highest good, while also offering intuitive guidance.


Once a design is decided on, she will place your intentions into each stone as she strings them. Once completed she will place the jewelry into your energy field, and you will put your intentions into the stones as well. You will want to wear the piece as much as possible. This will be your reminder to stay focused on embodying your intentions, to connect with yourself and your highest good.


Consult with bracelet design (30 min.): Starting at $40

Consult with short necklace design (30 min): Starting at $80

Consult with long necklace design (45 min): Starting at $120

Consult with short necklace & bracelet (1 hr): Starting at $120 Consult with long necklace & bracelet (1 hr): Starting at $140 Consult with 2 necklaces & 2 bracelets (90 min): Starting at $200


*Pricing depends on the stones used. Crystal prices vary depending on the rarity and size of the stones.

**If you're needing to fit inside a certain budget, please let her know and she will do her best to work inside of that.