The Empowerment session is for those going through life transitions; mentally, physically or spiritually. It is completely integrative in nature and each appointment includes Intuitive Counseling, Energy Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, Brain Lymphatic Drainage, and SomatoEmotional Release, as needed. It is tailor made just for you!


This session is really for those that want to change and grow, that want to feel empowered, and that are ready to move forward from anything that is keeping them stagnant in their life. This service doesn't end when your appointment is over, you will also be given inner work to do between appointments. Heat Therapy & Aromatherapy is also included. 


*You remain clothed for your appointment, so please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Our Empowerment Kids appointment is similar to the adult version, as it is integrative in nature and features the same modalities, as needed. But it is shortened in time, less serious and more fun. Every child has a different comfortability and sensitivity level with receiving a bodywork treatment. Dusti gauges this level to make sure that they are always comfortable and feel safe. If your child has a harder time sitting still, please bring their favorite toy or activity to help them relax. Parents are always encouraged to stay in the room during the treatment. After the session is over, kids get to choose a pocket stone to take with them. 

*This practitioner is currently out due to an injury.

An email will be sent out once she's back.