Dusti Hope, LMT

Dusti Hope

Dusti has been serving the greater Austin community as an Advanced Integrative Therapist since 2012. She started her career in healthcare in 2004, and has been studying not only all of the systems of the human body, but the mind, soul/spirit and energetic connections, for the past 18 years.


After struggling for many years with her own health issues, starting at the age of 17, Dusti has a level of understanding and compassion that cannot be taught. She is a highly sensitive intuitive, an empath and a gifted healer. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She truly cares and it shows in her dedication to constant continued education of all kinds. She has dedicated her life to everything health and wellness related. 

Dusti is a wife and mom to four dogs and a cat. When she's not helping others; she enjoys spending time with her fur babies, reading, making jewelry, gardening, meditation and relaxing with her family and friends. 

Education & Training

Woodbury University, Bachelors of Science (2003)

Ordained Minister & Coach (ULC)

Spiritual Counselor (SLCC)

Licensed Manual Therapist 800+Hours #MT116151

Lauterstein-Conway (2012)

Reiki Energy Healing Level 1, 2, 3 & Master

The Chikly Health Institute  

  • LCFS-FM: LDT for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, MS & Chronic Neuroinflammations 

  • LFPVS: Advanced Applications LDT for Fascia & Primo-Vascular System 

  • Clinical Symposium with Dr. Bruno Chikly 

  • BRAIN 1: Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid, Autonomic Nervous System
    Palpating & Treating The Brain 

  • BMTA: Brain, Marrow, Toxicity & Allergy

  • BRAIN 2: Brain Tissue, Nuclei Fluid & RAS, Cranial Rhythm 

The Upledger Institute 

  • CST 1: CranioSacral Therapy 1 

  • CST 2: CranioSacral Therapy 2 

  • SER 1: SomatoEmotional Release 1

  • SER 2: SomatoEmotional Release 2

Spring Forest Qigong

  • Level 1 For Health

  • Level 2 For Healing

  • Level 3 For Advanced Energy Development 

  • Spring Forest Qigong, Intensive Healing Retreat 

  • Qi-ssage Learning Course 

Transformation Academy

  • Spiritual Life Coach Certification

  • Life Purpose Coach Certification

  • Meditation Certification for Facilitators

  • Confidence Coach Certification & Confidence Blueprint

  • Happiness Life Coach Certification

  • Mindfulness Life Coach Certification & Mindfulness Blueprint

  • Shamanic Coach Certification

  • Master Shamanism Through Journeying, Ritual & Ceremony

International Alliance of Healthcare Educators

  • LDT 1: Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 1; Lymphatic Pathways & Anatomical Integrity

  • LDT 2: Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 2; Pathological Pathways & Lymphatic Mapping 

  • LDT 3: Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 3; Deep Pathways, Viscera, Articulations & Organs 

  • LDT1A: Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 1; Interstitial Fluids & Blood to Humans, Animals & Plants 

Current Memberships

TDLR: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation 

AMBP: Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals

ACSTA: American CranioSacral Therapy Association

IARP: International Association of Reiki Professionals

Teaching Assistant for The Chikly Health Institute and The Upledger Institute.

Schedule with Dusti Hope, LMT

Schedule with Dusti

Below are the services that Dusti offers.

  • Meet with our crystal experts for a personalized shopping experience!

    30 min

  • Custom intentionally designed & charged crystal healing jewelry.

    30 min

    Starting at $40
  • Shop our Energy Boutique! A relaxed shopping experience with new arriv...

    30 min

  • Featuring VibroAcoustic sound technology.

    30 min

    45 US dollars

Great experience! Dusti is great and truly passionate about her patients and their needs. She is so knowledgeable about the body and energy, offering great advice for how to increase overall quality of life. Very professional, and doesn't rush in/out, she sits to talk and you can tell that she is so passionate about her work. I was running late for an appointment and she was flexible and understanding and is easy to reach.

Jessica C.