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Bio-Tuning + Heart Rate Variability

Stressed? Anxious? Poor Sleep? Constant Mind Chatter?

Get the benefits of meditation without the guesswork!

Sound has been used for thousands of years by nearly every ancient civilization. In todays modern world we have forgotten the power of simplicity and connecting with the natural rhythms of the earth and even our own bodies. NeuroAcoustic Sound Healing bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern technology with the intention to bring you back to yourself.

Benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Restorative Sleep

  • Mental clarity

  • Pain relief 

  • Increasing the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues and organs 

  • Relieving of tension and blockages

  • Transmute stagnant energy

  • Endorphin & Serotonin release

  • Balancing chakras

Nervous System Reset

Break free from the chronic stress loop! Using the patented technology of Bio-Tuning, Real-Time Heart Rate Variability and NeuroAcoustic Sound Healing we will find the specific frequency which brings your nervous system into balance. Once out of the fight or flight state, the body is given a chance to recruit energy to repair, digest and rest. The NeuroAcoustic sound frequencies are translated to massaging vibrations and felt through every cell of the body on a patented massage table that was designed by Nasa. Your frequency is then blended with soothing nature sounds and binaural beats, created by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, bringing you into a zero point stress response. This creates a powerful yet easy and enjoyable tool directly influencing the mind and body.

Session Includes:

  • Custom Soundtrack on your phone for easy at home listening

  • Finding your specific Frequency for a zero stress response

  • 30 Minutes of pure bliss as you hear and feel sound through every cell of your body

  • Monitoring of your nervous system with visual report at end of session

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson was featured on the Heal Documentary on Netflix. He is the creator of NeuroAcoustic Sound Healing and his patented technology and equipment is what is used in this treatment. He also created our Zero-Gravity Sound Chair with Nasa which can be booked as an stand alone service or as add-on service.

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