Bio-Energetic Testing + Analysis

Address the ROOT cause of your symptoms!

Bio-Energetic Analysis will address the ROOT cause to your symptoms using a small collection of hair and saliva. Bioenergetically Tested Homeopathic Remedies specific to your body's energetic patterning will help bring your energetic and physical body back into homeostasis. It is time to take the guesswork out of healthcare and get you closer to your ultimate healing potential.


We are able to analyze your energetic system for stressors including, but not limited to...


Imbalanced Organs

Nutritional Imbalances

Food Sensitivities

Unresolved Emotions

Hormone Imbalances 

Environmental Sensitivities

Gluten Sensitivities

Thyroid Stress

Energetic Imbalances

Patterns of Toxins

Mold, Bacteria's & Viruses

Heavy Metals & Chemicals


Hair Loss, Fatigue & Weight Gain or Loss

Brain Fog


Anxiety & more.....


At this appointment we will collect a small sample of hair and saliva. This appointment is for the scan only.

please see example report below for details on what is included.

Once your results are in, we will schedule you for a Report of Findings HIPPA compliant Telehealth call to discuss the report and the specific regimen that is recommended.


Homeopathic Remedies are an additional cost based on what is recommended for you.

Ongoing care and support will require you to come in for a consultation and exam, if you are not already an established client.  


(Results are provided within 2-3 weeks)